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The Digital Holistic Self-Care Journal is a guided journal that aids in exploring various aspects of self-care, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It offers sections dedicated to each area and facilitates reflection, goal-setting, and progress tracking. Use with GoodNotes or Notability.


The physical self-care section encompasses inquiries about diet, exercise, and sleep patterns, as well as an evaluation of overall physical health.


The mental self-care section delves into thoughts, emotions, and stress levels, alongside an assessment of mental health.


The emotional self-care section focuses on relationships, self-esteem, and emotional well-being, with an opportunity to reflect on emotional health.


The spiritual self-care section explores values, beliefs, and spirituality, enabling reflection on spiritual health.


Prior to delving into these specific sections, the journal encourages identifying activities and practices that bring fulfillment, aiming to incorporate them into one's schedule.


Additionally, the journal provides space for setting self-care goals and monitoring progress. By documenting one's self-care journey, individuals can pinpoint areas for improvement and establish enduring changes to enhance overall health and well-being.


** Please note this is a digital item and no physical product will be shipped.


Holistic self-care

Digital journal




Personal growth


Mental health

Positive affirmations



Stress management

Emotional balance

Inner peace


Healthy habits

Self-care rituals



Healing practices

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