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This digital guided mindful eating journal comes with tips, practices, journal prompts, and  affirmations to help you restore your relationship with food over the next 30 days.

The journal is structured to help you identify your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

around eating, while also developing a mindful relationship with food.

It encourages more mindful, conscious, and intentional eating behavior by helping

you become aware of your body's needs and making positive choices that nourish

your body. You'll be guided through journal prompts and affirmations to help you get in touch with your hunger signals, recognize emotional eating triggers, tune into your body's fullness cues, practice self-compassion, and make mindful food choices.

This journal is designed to be used as a companion for regular mindful eating

practice. It can be used both independently or as part of a structured mindful

eating program.

Each day, you'll be prompted with questions to reflect on your behavior and

attitude toward food. You'll also find affirmations throughout the journal that will

help you to build a positive relationship with food.


Compatiable With GoodNotes

Non Refundable 

Digital | 30 Days Of Mindful Eating Journal | GoodNotes

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