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Coping with Grief After Losing My Beloved Dog Mika

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Losing a pet is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences I've ever had to endure. It's a unique kind of grief that hits you like a tidal wave, leaving you feeling adrift in a sea of emotions. When my beloved fur baby passed away, I never imagined the depth of pain and sorrow I would feel. Here's my journey through grief after losing my cherished companion.

A Companion Unlike Any Other

My pet, a loyal and loving dog named Mika, had been my constant companion for over a decade, we didn't get her from a puppy, she was nearly 5 when we welcomed her into our family. We had shared countless adventures, laughter, and even tears. Mika was more than just a pet; she was family. Her boundless enthusiasm, wagging tail, and unwavering loyalty had brightened even my darkest days.

The Initial Shock

When Mika began to decline, I could hardly bring myself to accept the inevitable. I tried to prepare myself for her passing, but nothing could truly ready me for the moment it happened. The day Mika crossed the rainbow bridge, I felt as if a piece of my heart had been ripped away. The world around me seemed to lose its colour, and I was engulfed in a profound sadness.

The Rollercoaster of Emotions

In the days and weeks that followed Mika's passing, I experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Grief is not a linear journey; it's a rollercoaster ride with unpredictable twists and turns. I felt anger, guilt, and profound sadness all at once. The empty spaces around the house that Mika used to occupy were a constant reminder of her absence, and each trigger sent me spiralling into despair.

Seeking Support

I quickly realised that grieving for a pet is not something you can easily overcome alone. I have created a beautiful Pet Loss Journal in my shop which I used after Mika passed. Its also important to reach out to friends and family who had experienced similar losses, sharing stories, crying together, and simply having someone to listen makes a world of difference.

Memorialising My Beloved Companion

To honour Mika's memory, I decided to have a ring and a necklace made with her ashes so she was always with me. You could also collect photos, paw prints, and even their favourite toys, creating a small shrine in your home. This space can became a sanctuary where you can go to remember the joy they brought into your life.

The Healing Journey

Grief doesn't have a set timeline, and it's crucial to allow yourself the time and space to heal at your own pace. While the pain of losing Mika will never fully disappear, it has become more manageable with time. The waves of grief have gradually become less frequent, and I'm learning to cherish the beautiful memories of our time together rather than dwell on the loss.

Helping Others Through Pet Loss

As I continue to navigate the complex terrain of pet loss, I've found a sense of purpose in helping others who are going through similar experiences. Whether it's offering a shoulder to cry on or sharing my own journey, I hope that my story can provide comfort and support to those grieving the loss of their beloved pets.

Losing Mika was a devastating experience that tested the limits of my emotional strength. But through the tears and heartache, I've learned that the love and bond I shared with her will never truly fade. In her memory, I continue to find healing, purpose, and a deep appreciation for the joy she brought into my life.

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